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    Maha dasha and Antar-dasha of different planets

    Every one will have planets in different houses in d1 and d9. However karakatwa related themes will still be there. Following are some broad themes of each dasha that you will relate to no matter where that planet sits in your chart. Moon dasha - common theme mental stress. Someone comes and...
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    Saturn transit on different natal planets

    Saturn transit on natal planets and the experiences one can get When Saturn transits over natal Sun father of the native may have a bad period in life, there may be problems between the native and his/ her father or problems through government officials, name and fame of person goes down ...
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    Mars in different signs in horoscope

    Mars in different signs Mars is a planet connected to our soul mission and desire to cultivate in life. Since it’s the natural ruler of 1st sign (Aries), it is also considered a Dharmic Planet, where via Mars we channel our purpose in life. Mars is our ignition, fuel, passion, and creativity...
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    Choose career or profession using D10 chart according to Vedic astrology

    Learn how to choose career or profession using D10 chart according to Vedic astrology. This video is from renowned Vedic astrologer Mr. Rahul Kaushik and help us to learn how to choose one's career based on planets, houses and horoscope. The primarily language of this video is in Hindi. Enjoy...
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    Moon in 8th House Marana karaka Asthana

    Moon 8th House Marana karaka Asthana Moon is Feelings & Emotions of Mind. 8th House is House of longevity & Death. Moon in 8th : Feelings of Discomfort. Marana karaka sthana is when the place is against the fundamental nature of a planet, hence planet becomes uncomfortable and looses it's...