1. MyAstro

    The planets and their qualities

    Vedic astrology, also known as Jyotish, recognizes nine planets that have an impact on human life. Each planet has its unique qualities, characteristics, and impact on different aspects of an individual's life. Sun (Surya): The Sun is the center of the solar system and represents the soul...
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    Maha dasha and Antar-dasha of different planets

    Every one will have planets in different houses in d1 and d9. However karakatwa related themes will still be there. Following are some broad themes of each dasha that you will relate to no matter where that planet sits in your chart. Moon dasha - common theme mental stress. Someone comes and...
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    Moon in 8th House Marana karaka Asthana

    Moon 8th House Marana karaka Asthana Moon is Feelings & Emotions of Mind. 8th House is House of longevity & Death. Moon in 8th : Feelings of Discomfort. Marana karaka sthana is when the place is against the fundamental nature of a planet, hence planet becomes uncomfortable and looses it's...