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Every one will have planets in different houses in d1 and d9. However karakatwa related themes will still be there. Following are some broad themes of each dasha that you will relate to no matter where that planet sits in your chart.

Moon dasha - common theme mental stress. Someone comes and stresses you out. Then someone else. Later you realize if you were just “doing” instead of emotionally taking things hard it would have gone better.

High emotional turmoil because of facing ups and downs. And the emotions effect you so much that you don’t realize… that you could just “do” something about it.

Mars dasha - you are just doing. Thinking that’s the right thing to do. Maybe developing a product. Did you even check if anyone wants your product? Maybe if you talked to more to people and were less military/ arrogant… you could have done some publicity.

Rahu dasha - no publicity is bad publicity. Keep doing publicity. Keep doubling your income. Keep going to foreign. But did you wait to check if what you were marketing was even right? Hope you didn’t make just any promises?

And if you did, the fallout probably was so hard that you start running to astrologers for some relief.

Jupiter dasha - well you will stand by every promise you make. Bhagya will protect you. People will respect you. Yet you were doubling income in Rahu dasha and everything stagnated in Ju? Just a question- were you working hard? Or were you just eating laddoo, giving gyan and being happy?

Saturn Dasha - now you are working super hard. Yes all the rise to power and position happened despite the humility. But despite the grunt work that you did - did you pause to talk to people? To have some fun? Are you so grumpy that you don’t even get when people joke?

Mercury Dasha- life maybe hard work, maybe your sleep is disrupted - but it’s also about the details you get right. Working while joking. Being the best team player.

Until that argument happens. You are right and you prove it logically. You win the battle but lose the war. People gossip about you despite your accomplishments and it’s not nice

Ketu Dasha- Give up mode. You had worked so hard and all you got was gossip or backbiting. You are just not interested in the rat race. You give up. You start focusing on meditation. And randomly you get everything that you dreamed off. Doesn’t make any type of sense but you don’t care either. You don’t care so much that wife gives you an ultimatum.

Venus Dasha- wife is super happy. You are super happy. Please make sure now that you don’t make all the women in the neighborhood super happy too Venus needs to be controlled.

But over all the parties, the beautiful things you accumulate, the social life… it couldn’t get better right?

Sun Dasha - until it does. You get an amazing job or authority. Which you say yes too. It’s already going so great. Until it isn’t.

Work super hard. Life is about managing everything that falls under your responsibility. Cutting off ties with people, painful as it maybe, who do not accept your authority. You manage power well. People respect you. But