Mars in different signs

Mars is a planet connected to our soul mission and desire to cultivate in life. Since it’s the natural ruler of 1st sign (Aries), it is also considered a Dharmic Planet, where via Mars we channel our purpose in life. Mars is our ignition, fuel, passion, and creativity. It also shows the possessive and controlling behavior within us, as what we value and are eager for the most in life.

Aries: Mars here is sitting in its own sign and naturally the planet is feeling comfortable here. These people usually have a low temper, aggression, and sometimes arrogance too due to their strong personalities so others can sometimes misunderstand their power as egoistic character. Depending on house placement, their mind is always active in achieving goals and enhancing the quality of that particular house. They’re intelligent and quick in making a decision, they hate waiting, contemplating, and delaying tasks. Their communication can be harsh a bit, in a sense they can be very straightforward, spontaneous, and ready to prove their point. In love, they can be highly driven and passionate too but tend to get bored if the person does not cope with their lifestyle and energy.

Taurus: Here Mars's energy is combined with Venus’s feminine sign. These people might not be as physically active as Mars in Aries, but their minds are constantly in focus. They’re calculative and careful before making a decision because they hate to make mistakes, if mistakes occur, they will learn from them and overcome the issue easily. Such people are focused on sustaining their finances and wanting to live a lavish lifestyle. Being comfortable and secure in life is the ultimate goal of Mars in Taurus. In love, they need to feel affection and sensuality, they can be a bit possessive and protective towards their lovers and family.

Gemini: Mars can feel uncomfortable here but also beneficial placement at the same time, now the intelligent aspect will be combined with action. These people are very careful and calculative with their steps, they should think twice before taking any step, they don’t like to gamble and take risks unless there is assurance nothing bad can happen. They’re very good at researching and looking for information, that’s why they’re logical and practical people. But Mars here can feel restless and always in a stressful mood because the mind is always occupied by ideas and thoughts. They can be excellent communicators and good at debating because they won’t talk about something unless they know about it, and naturally they have social intelligence and know how to attract people towards them.

Cancer: Mars here is considered to be debilitated and weak because now there is a combination of a warrior with emotion. Mars in cancer usually signifies that the person won’t fight in the front, but they can do it under a table or behind the scenes, they’re very good at using people’s emotions to get what they want, which can be translated as manipulators, but they did it to secure themselves and family. They’re very protective towards a family, lover, and especially their mother, so they’re willing to do anything to ensure a good life for them. They can be very calculative and practical in the sense they don’t want to make mistakes, especially in the workplace/career.

Leo: Mars is in the friendly sign of the Sun, which works pretty well. They’re here to shine bright their capabilities and potential to people. They’re generous, helpful, and always there for you. If you need anything, they’ll get your back and be a great supporter. Mars here is adventurous and ready to take a leap of faith to discover its inner power. They were born to be a leader and counselor, a very creative individual who thinks out of the box. When it comes to love, They’re passionate and affectionate, they need someone who can cope with their energy.

Virgo: Mars energy here is combined with the practicality of Mercury, this can be a pretty decent placement. Mars here will be practical, skillful, creative, and innovative, they can be good at working by hand and doing art in general, and they can be a healer too. Mars here can be very detailed in its work and aim for perfectionism, that’s why people with combination usually become an expert or famous due to dedication to work. This placement can calm the aggression of Mars to some extent, but still, they tend to have a low temper and are demanding. Perhaps the negative aspect of this placement is that due to being detail-oriented & a deep observer in nature, it can tend to give them a sense of restlessness and mental irritation.

Libra: Mars here can do pretty well and calm with Venus’s energy influence. Such people are peaceful, calm, and grounded in nature, they take others’ psychological patterns into consideration before reacting, and that’s why perhaps you can see most of the time calm and grounded. Mars in Libra rarely has low temper issues unless other factors in a chart influence Mars. They’re diplomatic and liberal when it comes to dealing with people, especially in business. Their love life can be a bit unstable or perhaps they find it difficult to do that due to their openness, in a sense their partner might feel jealous and discomfort toward Libra Mars native.

Scorpio: Mars here in its own sign, this placement can manifest the darker side of Mars. Such people are calculative, deep, searching and digging deep into matters before taking an action, if they don’t find anything, it can drive them crazy. Very analytical and detail-oriented people. These people you can’t expect their reactions, they have a tendency to trick and illusion others of who they are and what they’re up to. A quite possessive individual in love and their emotion very deep in a sense it’s hard for their partner to understand. Very strong minds and strategic and intuitive people can be seen with such a combination.

Sagittarius: Mars here is in a friendly sign ruled by Jupiter, it can manifest good and positive results in case Jupiter is in strong placement and good dignity. Such people believe in justice, fairness, and doing good deeds. Their actions and behaviors always come out of higher philosophy and teaching of morality, in a sense “Revenge” it’s not in their dictionary, even if that happens, the aim will be to teach the other person morality not to hurt. Mars here is a free soul who is strong in self-expression, communication, and mentality, and always demanding space from their partner.

Capricorn: Mars here is exalted and where Saturn's energy is merging with Mars. Such people are very strict with rules, laws, regulations, and policies; and they want to make sure also everyone follows the same path, that’s why Mars here can give a tendency to work in a law firm, gov, and security systems. They love serving, leading, and directing others instead of working on their own. The ultimate goal could be status and material possession in life. They can be shown as a strict person and lacking emotion, that’s why sometimes it’s hard for their partner to understand them.

Aquarius: Mars here is under influence of Saturn but perhaps has less restriction compared with Capricorn. People with such a combination are spontaneous, open-minded, and liberal in their approach or reaction. They’re willing to try new things, ideas, and experiences, there is no “Regret” in their dictionary. They’re very stable mentally and dependable, and people can trust them easily. They’re out there to become a leader and ready to serve others. In a relationship, their partner can feel confused and uncertain about them sometimes.

Pisces: Mars here is under influence of Jupiter which is a friendly sign, but it can be a bit tricky for Mars in the sense the native is aiming for perfectionism in everything due to their higher philosophical beliefs, and spiritual aspects. Such people can be quite emotional and sensitive, their actions and behaviors are more based on their emotions instead of a logical approach. They can feel lost and confused sometimes when it comes to taking an action, so they depend on intuition. They can have strong artistic taste, creativity, and music pursuits.


This article is based on personal observation and research. The actual result will vary depending on your chart and the dynamic of other planets. Do not jump to conclusions, judge wisely. Credit : Facebook posts