Saturn transit on natal planets and the experiences one can get

When Saturn transits over natal Sun father of the native may have a bad period in life, there may be problems between the native and his/ her father or problems through government officials, name and fame of person goes down ..

When natal Saturn transits over Moon then mother of the native may face many troubles, the native will go through a bad phase in life. There may be some change in the professional field and change of place or travel

When Saturn transits over natal Mars, the brother of the native, and husband in case of female native may face troubles. native should be careful with unexpected events . He may buy land property, when mars is weak they can face accidents or injuries

When Saturn transits of natal Mercury , there may be ceremonies in the house, the native may earn awards or degrees in academic career ,new career opportunities.

When Saturn transits over natal Jupiter, the native may get a job or promotion. This will be a smooth period in his professional life., good events in native life

When Saturn transits over natal Venus the male native may get married. There will be monetary gains, buying of vehicle.

When Saturn transits over natal Saturn there will be difficulties in the native's life, the native can understand the path of career in this time Saturn takes almost 29 to 30 years to touch natal Saturn, when transiting Saturn touches the natal Saturn for the first time the native may experience some event which will change the course of his personal life. When transiting Saturn will touch natal Saturn for the second time there will be change in his professional life and the lives of the members of his family.

When Saturn transits over natal Rahu the native may face troubles in his professional life. There may be death in his house or in his relative circle..

When Saturn transits over natal Ketu there may be change in professional life, the native may face litigation, he may travel aimlessly.